Some Simulation Achieved with EMPIRE

Added by Stefan Sicklinger almost 5 years ago

lightweight structure exposed to wind loading
NREL phase VI wind turbine

tent.gif - lightweight structure exposed to wind loading (893 KB) Stefan Sicklinger, 09/27/2013 07:00 pm

nrel.gif - NREL phase VI wind turbine (1.52 MB) Stefan Sicklinger, 09/27/2013 07:01 pm

pitching.gif (1.61 MB) Stefan Sicklinger, 10/22/2013 07:25 pm

isoVortContourU.png (321 KB) Stefan Sicklinger, 10/31/2013 10:25 pm

isoVortContourQ.0093.png (1.02 MB) Stefan Sicklinger, 03/16/2014 07:13 am

dispYScale70SideView.gif (2.18 MB) Stefan Sicklinger, 03/16/2014 10:30 am


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